Wins and fuckups: My last 10 years in business — Cara Szellemes

It’s been nearly 10 years since I began my first business, Mumatopia.

The conversation you have with yourself when you fail

On a San Francisco and Silicon Valley Tour with Bluechilli

The impact of listening to your internal dialogue

The impact of indulging my internal dialogue was pretty huge.

Reflecting on what I have accomplished

5 years ago I launched my book Your Brilliant Un-career: Women, Entrepreneurship and Making the Leap

Surrounding yourself with believers

In June 2019, I co-founded a new startup in the innovation culture space with Nathan Aherne.

Focusing on what matters

In 2019, I won the Lord Mayor’s Entrepreneurship Grant which led to a trip to New York City and Boston.

Bestselling author, Cofounder @wityayl, Copywriter, What’s Important Now podcast host, founder Your Story Bank.

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